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Interstate Highway System: The Most Important Road Network in the United States

The Interstate Highway System is a network of controlled-access highways in the United States. The original Interstate network was completed in 1986, but it has since grown to include an additional 48,000 miles of road.

Interstate Highways are important for a number of reasons. They help to improve transportation efficiency, reduce traffic congestion, and boost economic growth. They also play a vital role in national defense, as they can be used to quickly move troops and supplies in the event of a crisis.

Most states use a standard mileage system, with 0 miles starting at the west or south termini and increasing as you travel east or north. Odd-numbered highways travel north and south, while even-numbered highways travel east and west. Interstates with low numbers are in the south and the west, while higher numbers are in the north and east. Three-digit Interstate Highways are loops or spurs of a mainline Interstate Highway. Even-digit highways connect to an Interstate at both termini or form a loop around a location. Odd-numbered three-digit highways connect to one Interstate and are spur routes.

We have a large collection of videos of Interstate Highways. For the most part, our videos are labeled with the route name followed by the starting point and the end point along with the state in which the video was taken. In some cases, a video crosses state lines and we note that in the title of the video as well.

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Interstate Highway Videos

Interstate 40: Newport to Lake Junaluska

Interstate 40: Newport to Lake Junaluska

🚙 Drive America's Highways for 44 miles east along Interstate 40 from Newport, TN to Lake Junaluska, NC. We start the drive from Newport to Lake Junaluska merging onto I-40 from the U.S. Route 70 interchange, just west of Newport. Driving initially east on I-40, we...