4K & Ad-Free

Interstate411 Adopt-a-Route Program

Enjoy ad-free, real-time, 4K videos with our Adopt-a-Route program.  We have 2 programs, one hosted on YouTube, and one powered by Patreon hosted here at Interstate411.us.  Either program gets you the same perks, more or less.  Members of the Patreon-powered program can access their content below.  Members of our YouTube Adopt-a-Route program will see the same content on our YouTube channel.  Note:  Not all videos are available in 4k or ad free.

Why A Membership Program?

As you may know, travel costs have risen significantly in recent years. Here at Interstate411, we’re committed to creating high-quality road trip content, and to ensure its sustainability, we’ve made some adjustments.

We rely on ad revenue and our membership program to fund our content creation. While our ad revenue is respectable, our niche focus limits high-volume growth. Additionally, our content prioritizes the beauty of lesser-traveled roads, which may not garner the same viewership as some other travel channels.

To address rising travel costs and reward our valued viewers, we’ve decided to move select higher-production videos behind a membership paywall. This will allow us to continue creating the content you love while maintaining financial stability.

How does this work?

Your membership renews automatically on the anniversary of your initial signup. All current membership perks are digital and accessible immediately upon signing up.

Content Access:

  • Patreon Subscribers: All membership content is conveniently located on either Patreon or our website, Interstate411.us.
  • YouTube Members: Access your exclusive content directly through our YouTube channel.
  • Do all your videos have an Ad-Free version?

    As of summer 2024, newly published videos will offer an ad-free viewing experience by default. We’re also progressively adding select content from our archives to the ad-free library. Stay tuned for more updates!

    How do I cancel?

    Wait, Let us know why first. Then, if you are a Patreon member, follow these instructions

    YouTube Members can cancel by doing the following on a computer:
    Sign in to YouTube.
    Go to youtube.com/paid_memberships.
    Find the channel membership that you'd like to cancel and click Manage membership.
    Select DEACTIVATE.
    You'll see a cancellation confirmation screen.