U.S. Highways

US Numbered Highways (also called US Highways) are a network of roads and highways connecting the contiguous United States.

Route numbers and locations are set by AASHTO with Odd numbered highways travelling north to south and Even numbered highways travelling west to east. Routes with smaller numbers are in the north and the east and highways with a high number will be in the south and west. Three-digit numbered highways are spur routes of parent highways but are not necessarily connected to their parents. Some divided routes exist to provide two alignments for one route, even though many splits have been eliminated. In some cases, the route may overlap an Interstate Highway. Special routes can provide various routes, such as an alternate, bypass or business route, for a U.S. Highway.

As US Highways are not required to be signed with mileage markers, we label our videos with the route number, origin and destination along with whatever State the video is in. In some cases, a video crosses State lines and we note that in the title of the video as well as the description. Directional information is in the video description. Not all the routes we travel are in a playlist.

Looking for a particular route that isn't in a playlist below? Try searching for it above or try your luck browsing the route listings on the page.

Route Playlists

US-17 US-30 US-35
US-41 US-60 US-62
US-64 US-65 US-67
US-70 US-73 US-79
US-84 US-89 US-93
US-95 US-160 US-163
US-165 US-191 US-219
US-285 US-322 US-380
US-425 US-491 US-550

Individual Videos

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