Interstate 24

Interstate 24 is an Interstate Highway in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. It runs diagonally from I-57, 10 miles south of Marion, Illinois, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, at I-75. It travels through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

As an even-numbered Interstate, it is signed as an east–west route, though the route follows a more southeast–northwest routing, passing through Nashville, Tennessee. The numbering deviates from the standard Interstate Highway System grid, lying further north than its number would indicate west of Nashville.

Our Interstate 24 Videos

Interstate 24: Westbound in Chattanooga

Interstate 24: Westbound in Chattanooga

🚙 Drive America's Highways for 7 miles along Interstate 24 westbound in Chattanooga, Tennessee 🛣️ We start the video at the eastern terminus of Interstate 24 at an interchange with Interstate 75 in southeast Chattanooga. Driving west, we pass through mainly...

Interstate 24 – Mile 93 to Mile 81 – Kentucky

Interstate 24 – Mile 93 to Mile 81 – Kentucky America's Highways for 12 miles along Interstate 24 from mile 93 at the Tennessee state line to mile 81 in Kentucky. We start the video as we cross into Kentucky from Tennessee on Interstate 24. We drive for about 10 minutes until we reach...