County Roads

County Roads are roads that are designated and maintained by a county highway department. Route numbering can be determined by each county alone, by mutual agreement among counties, or by a statewide pattern.  Any county-maintained road, whether or not it is given a signed number, can be called a county road. Many locales have somewhat arbitrarily assigned numbers for all county roads, but with no number-signage at all or only on standard street name blades.  County roads and highways vary greatly in design standards, funding, and regularity of maintenance. Some county highways in urban areas are freeways or expressways. Others are indistinguishable from state highways or city streets. In rural areas, they may be in poor condition or not paved at all. 

Like our State and U.S. Highway’s, we title County Road videos using the start and end points, or a point as close to that as possible.  

Our County Road Videos