Interstate 69

Interstate 69 is an Interstate Highway in the United States currently consisting of 10 unconnected segments with an original continuous segment from Indianapolis, Indiana, northeast to the Canadian border in Port Huron, Michigan. The remaining separated segments are variously completed and posted or not posted sections of an extension southwest to the Mexican border in Texas. Of this extension—nicknamed the NAFTA Superhighway—five pieces near Corpus Christi, Texas; Houston, Texas; northwestern Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; and Evansville, Indiana, have been built or upgraded and signposted as I-69. A sixth segment of I-69 through Kentucky utilizing that state’s existing parkway system and a section of I-24 was established by federal legislation in 2008, but only a portion is signposted. This brings the total length to about 720 miles.

The federally recognized corridor also includes connecting and existing infrastructure, including I-94 between Chicago, Illinois, and Port Huron, Michigan, and several spurs from I-69. Among these proposed spurs are an extension of I-530 from Pine Bluff, Arkansas; an upgrade of U.S. Route 59 from Texarkana, Texas; and a split in southern Texas to serve three border crossings at Laredo, Pharr, and Brownsville.

Our Interstate 69 Videos

Interstate 69 South – Mississippi (Feb 2018)

Interstate 69 South – Mississippi (Feb 2018)

America's Highways for 20 miles south along Interstate 69 from Interstate 55 to US 61 in Mississippi. We start the video heading south on Interstate 55 just before the exit to Interstate 69. Leaving I-55 on a cloverleaf interchange, we head west on I-69 for about 11.5...