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Have you ever wanted to take a leisurely drive down historic Route 66? Or maybe you want to see what a particular stretch of highway looks like while planning a road trip?  Maybe you are a born explorer, trapped in your city by the realities of life?  Interstate 411 has you covered.

Drive America’s Highways with Interstate 411 and explore urban interstates, rural country highways, and scenic state routes offering stunning natural vistas with our first person highway videos.

We’re always traveling America to bring you the best drive videos possible. Check back often or follow along on our social channels for the latest videos from the road as we Drive America’s highways.

Let's Drive America's Highways

Like the highway system itself, our road trip videos are organized by type — Interstate, U.S. Highways, and State Routes. We even have a few videos of local roads thrown in for good measure.

Our first person drive videos are shot in 1080p at 60 frames per second. Some of our older videos were filmed in 720p and our first videos are actual time lapses composed of hundreds of individual photos. In most cases, we speed the footage up about 350% to keep our videos reasonable — about 5 minutes average, but there are some longer ones where speeding up the footage just wouldn’t work.  Have questions about Interstate 411?  Check out our FAQ

Choose from our most popular or latest videos below or select one of our trips from the menu above and let’s drive America’s highways.

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