Interstate Highways

Interstate Highways are a collection of controlled-access highways in the United States. The original Interstate network was completed in 1986 — 35 years after authorization by Congress. Since the completion of the original network, the Interstate System has added an extra 48,000 miles

We title our videos to match the mileage of the actual route taken. MOST states use a standard mileage system starting at 0 on the west and south termini, increasing as you travel east or north. Odd number highways travel north and south and even numbered highways travel east and west. Similar, but opposite to U.S. Highways, Interstates with low numbers are in the south and the west; higher numbers in the north and east.

Three digit Interstate Highways are loops or spurs of a mainline Interstate Highway. Even digit highways connect to an Interstate at both termini or form a loop around a location. Odd numbered three digit highways connect to one Interstate and are spur routes.


Our Interstate Highway Routes

Interstate 10
Interstate 11
Interstate 12
Interstate 15
Interstate 20
Interstate 24
Interstate 25
Interstate 26
Interstate 30
Interstate 35
Interstate 40
Interstate 44
Interstate 49
Interstate 55
Interstate 57
Interstate 64
Interstate 65
Interstate 68
Interstate 69
Interstate 70
Interstate 71
Interstate 75
Interstate 79
Interstate 80
Interstate 81
Interstate 90
Interstate 95
Interstate 99

Interstate Highway Videos