Interstate 10 – Los Angeles to Santa Monica – California

Drive America’s Highways for 13 miles west along Interstate 10 from Los Angeles to Santa Monica in California

The video starts with us driving westbound out of Downtown on I-10 from the interchange with I-110 and the Arroyo Seco Pkwy. Leaving downtown on the Santa Monica Freeway, we pass the western neighborhoods of LA before reaching Culver City at the interchange with CA-187.

Staying on the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway (I-10), we cross the interchange with Interstate 405 and enter Santa Monica around the Centinela Ave exit. Continuing west, we drive the final mile of Interstate 10 where we exit I-10 at it’s western terminus at California Highway 1, just yards from the Santa Monica Pier.



  1. Cabalen Journeys

    Cool Approximate west end of I10 but its following the path of old US-66 though.

    • Interstate 411

      Yeah. I think 10 officially ends as the on-ramp for SR-1 merges. I do have the final mile of 66 (website exclusive) publishing real soon. So if you don't follow along there, you might want to 🙂

  2. Milton Callan

    Had to make this trek this morning.

    • Interstate 411

      I bet the traffic wasn't nearly as easy as it was for me 🙂

    • Milton Callan

      @Interstate 411 Not even close. My son lives downtown and I picked him up one Sunday at 3:30 AM and we did 80 all the way to the airport. Fastest I ever got there from downtown! I was surprised to see how thin the traffic was for you!

    • Interstate 411

      @Milton Callan It was just after sunrise on a Sunday morning 🙂

  3. Chris Chan

    what camera gear did you use to film this?

    • Interstate 411

      We are currently using a GoPro Hero 5 for our FPV video and a Hero 4 silver for side and other cameras. For trips where video is made outside the car, we use a Canon 10D dslr camera.

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