Interstate 210 – San Dimas to Pasadena – California

Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles west along Interstate 210 from San Dimas to Pasadena, California

We start the video at the eastern terminus of Interstate 210 at the junction of I-210, CA-210 and CA-57. Driving west, we cross the junctions of CA-39 and I-605 before reaching Pasadena and the interchange with CA-164.

Continuing through Pasadena, we end the video exiting I-210 at the Ventura and Long Beach Freeway interchange (formerly the north end of future I-710).


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  1. Cabalen Journeys

    Cool Drive as Usual!


    Typo 411 CA-164 should be CA-134

    • Interstate 411

      Fixed. Thanks for the heads up

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