Who Are You
We are regular people who like to drive America’s highways. Somewhere along the way, we got the idea to film our routes – to plan future trips and to relive past trips. Then it dawned on us to offer these videos to the public so that people like us can use them too.
Street View, after all, is static and doesn’t help with providing a view of how the route actually drives. Maps themselves are great, but again, they don’t show the whole view of the route. We do.
What equipment do you use?

We are currently using a GoPro Hero 5 for our FPV video and a Hero 4 silver for side and other cameras. For trips where video is made outside the car, we use a Canon 10D dslr camera.

When are you going to film...

We are constantly adding new routes all across the USA. In 2018, we will be posting video of over 3,000 miles of highway from all over the country.

We have lots of routes we are planning on taking, some of them are funded already, and others we are still trying to fund. This is why we have ads on our site and offer our adopt-a-route program to fund future trips.

We do take trip and route requests from our members, so if there is a particular route you would like to see, please become a member and let us know.

How can I find a particular spot along a route?

Your best bet is to use our search feature. We are pretty good about putting popular sights or attractions along a particular route in the description of the video, and the search tool has all the descriptions indexed so you should be able to find what you are looking for if we have it listed.

Can I use your videos in a project?

You are welcome to embed our videos on your site using the standard YouTube license. We do keep all of our original un-edited videos (real time, no music, etc) , which is available for purchase.

We retain © on all our works, regardless of where it is embedded or used. We do ask that if you let us know if you use our work somewhere we would love to see it.

Why is fullscreen disabled?

You can watch any of our videos in fullscreen by clicking on the embedded title within the video itself. This may change in the future as we are considering enabling the fullscreen setting in 2018

As of Christmas 2017, all our videos should be full screen enabled on our website.

Where do you find your music?

On our newer videos, most of our music comes from AudioHero.com, with a few other sources thrown in. On our older videos, almost all the music was sourced from the YouTube audio library or Incompetech.com.

How are your videos labeled?

Our older videos follow the standard title format:

Interstate 10 - Mile 0 - Mile 20 - Texas

U.S. Highway 180 - Rome - Cairo - Illinois

Utah Highway 38 - Salt Lake City - Deseret

Like the Interstate system itself (with rare exception), our older Interstate videos are labeled by mile. West to East highways start at mile 0 in the west and increase traveling eastward. South to North highways start at mile 0 in the south and increase traveling northward. So in the above example, you can tell we are traveling east on Interstate 10 in Texas.

Our newer interstate videos are labeled with the Interstate Route, then origin and destination city, then state.  For example:

Interstate 40 - Memphis to Nashville - Tennessee 

US and State highways are based solely on destination, however in rare circumstances mile markers are used. Here, direction will be indicated in the video description.

When was a video filmed?

We get asked this question a lot.  However, due to privacy concerns, we do not provide the exact date of our footage.  We will provide the season and the year for archival purposes.  Exceptions to this are for disasters or public-interest segments such as a riot or large gathering, and for law-enforcement reasons, provided a valid court order is provided..


Why ads?

We don’t like ads either, and in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have them. Unfortunately, travel is expensive, so in order to take new and exciting trips, we display Google Adsense and affiliate ads on our site. All revenue generated on this site from ads and from our Adopt-A-Route program goes to funding future trips and paying for hosting.

I have video of a highway...can I submit it?

Short answer: it’s complicated.

Long answer: If you would like to help us take quality videos of America’s highways, we would certainly appreciate the help. All videos should be:

  • 1080P / 60 FPS or higher resolution
  • The video itself should be unedited. We don’t use the sound of the video, so if you want to edit the sound out of your video, we won’t mind. But the video itself should be left alone.
  • Once submitted, you authorize us to edit your video by:
    • Adjusting the playback speed
    • Adding titles, cards, and watermarks
    • Adding a custom soundtrack
  • We will credit you in the video, so please provide a URL to your channel or site for your credit.

Contact us at info [at] interstate411.us for more information and submission information.

The next time you are planning a trip, we hope you will use our videos to plan your travel when you Drive America’s Highways