California Highway 110 – Arroyo Seco Pkwy – Pasadena to Los Angeles

Drive America’s Highways for 10 miles south along the Arroyo Seco Pkwy (California Highway 110) from Pasadena to Los Angeles in California

The Arroyo Seco Parkway, also known as the Pasadena Freeway, is the first freeway in the Western United States. Originally part of Route 66, the route is now known as California Highway 110 and presently exists only from Pasadena to Los Angeles, with the highway being Interstate 110 south of Interstate 10.

This video starts at the north end of the parkway at the interchange with Orange Grove Ave, the first full interchange on the parkway. Heading south, we parallel (and sometimes dip into) Hermon Park (Arroyo Seco Park) as we enter the City of Los Angeles.

Leaving the park, we soon reach the interchange with Interstate 5 and Elysian Park, where, if you were traveling northbound you would drive through some really neat tunnels, but we don’t have that video (Help us get this video with a purchase from our Trading Post or Sponsorship with our Adopt a Route program.)

Around this time, you get the first good look at downtown LA (see the cover photo) as we cross the interchange with the 101 Freeway (US-101) north of downtown. We make our way along the western edge of downtown before ending the video on the westbound ramp to Interstate 10, just southwest of downtown LA.



  1. Cabalen Journeys

    Cool ride as usual

  2. Sandra Mccoy

    Like the ride along 🚗

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