U.S. Highway 89 – Flagstaff to Tuba City (US160) – Arizona

Drive America’s Highways for 67 miles north along US-89 from Flagstaff to Tuba City, Arizona

We start the video leaving Flagstaff driving north on U.S. Highway 89. Soon after, we make a brief turn to check out Sunset Volcano N.M. before turning back onto 89.

As we continue north, we descend out of the Wupatki National Monument, passing through the Gray Mountain community before we reach the town of Cameron, where a traffic circle has been put in at the intersection with AZ-64 (Grand Canyon.) Note: If you need ANYTHING along this stretch, this is where to do it. Next populated area is Page, about 45 minutes north.

Leaving Cameron, we cross the Little Colorado River as we drive through pretty barren landscapes, about 15 miles. Soon, we reach the only major turn off on this highway since Cameron — the intersection with US-160, where we turn east and end the video.



  1. countenanceblog the expat

    The western terminus of US 160. The eastern is in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.BTW, I saw that InterstateKyle just dropped an I-11 vid yesterday, so he must be trailing you.

    • Interstate 411

      Must be. I've driven both termini, but only one has video currently. 🙂 I'm planning another STL drive in a few weeks, so will probably grab it along the way. Still debating whether to get US-60 east (it's always night when i hit it) or get 67 north….decisions decisions.

  2. blusnuby2

    Thanks for the ride ! Brought back lots of memories from a lifetime ago……

  3. Lynne Stephenson

    I want to retire off this road. Closer to Flag.

  4. Agostinho Gomes

    Flag to Tuba City nice memories. Thanks for sharing! and Hi from Portugal!

  5. Brok Homz

    Pure nostalgia for me.

  6. Donovan Dixson

    I live 22 miles e of tuba City small town called Tonalea Az pass the store across from 2 butte rocks look like elephants feet and take unpaved road about 5 miles and pass the momorial park and pass the water tank that where I live

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