U.S. Highway 93 – Nevada to Kingman – Arizona

Drive America’s Highways for 70 miles south along US-93 from the Nevada to Kingman, Arizona

We start the video driving into Arizona across the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge near the Hoover Dam. We continue generally southeast, climbing out of the Colorado River valley, passing Willow Beach and a scenic overlook before reaching the flats of the Detrital Valley in northwest Arizona.

After stopping for a quick stop at a gas station, we resume our southeasterly drive through Dolan Springs and Santa Claus before reaching the interchange with AZ-68 in Golden Valley. As we pass the AZ-68 interchange, we cross the Cerbat Mountains to enter Kingman, where we end the video just before the interchange with Interstate 40.

Note: There are a few spots in this video where we run into a brief rain shower. As here really isn’t anything along this route that the rain distracts from, and they only last a few seconds in the video, we left them in place.



  1. David Tosh

    It will be future I-11 as the next stage from Mike Callahan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at the Arizona/Nevada state line to I-40 in Kingman Arizona. The project will start in the next few years from now. Total: 72 miles between these two points.

  2. Chicagoooo

    there are no Rocky Mountains?

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