U.S. Highway 79 – Paris to Dover – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 32 miles northeast along US-79 from Paris to Dover in north Tennessee.

Join us for a sunrise drive out of Paris, TN along U.S. Highway 79. We start the video heading north on US-79 from roughly the intersection with US-641. Soon, we turn northeast to follow US-79 towards Dover. Along the way, we cross Kentucky Lake and the southern border of the Land Between the Lakes Recreation Area and the small town of Dover before crossing the Cumberland River to finish the video at the intersection with Bumpus Mills Rd.


  1. mr childgrownold

    Anybody know what the right lane is for ?

  2. Iowarail

    Left lane camper………..yep you got me triggered and I will get over it.
    Nice vid of an area I used to live.

  3. Steve Thompson

    Hey man. Get out of the hammer lane

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