U.S. Highway 79 – McKenzie to Paris – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 14.5 miles north along US-79 from McKenzie to Paris in Tennessee.

We start the video turning on to US-79 from SR-22 from Huntingdon. Travelling generally northeast, we soon reach the town of Henry.

As the video notes, Henry is a speed trap. The police like to hide and take pictures of you driving by right after the sign from whatever to 45. Anyway, yes, our driver got caught and while we don’t dispute the ticket, we find the method of ticketing to be distasteful. So be careful driving through this town.

Continuing out of Henry, we continue northeast and soon reach the outer limits of Paris after an intersection with SR-218. We end the video at the intersection with US-641 in the heart of Paris.


  1. That Random Oshawott

    Did that farm that you pass by at 2:15 have some tall grain bins? If so, that's the facilities of Tosh Farms and "Bacon By Gosh!". Did you go through Murray?

    • Interstate 411

      No, I came up through jackson and huntingdon. As for the grain bins…not sure. This was filmed on the way to see the eclipse last year, and I've slept…a lot…since then ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Transwarp Media

    if you hadn't noticed, the roads around huntingdon and on routes/state routes in carroll county aren't the best, in fact they're the worst! this is because the county has been plagued by corruption in recent years, relying on grant money to get "rich". in reality, the countys roads haven't had a good repaving in years. the only roads that have had a repaving done, is US 70 from huntingdon to camden tn, and there could be have been some repaving done on 22 highway, but i hadn't been on that state route in awhile.

    • Interstate 411

      22 wasn't horrible, once you get to the 4 lane. It's the little 2 lane section on the SW side of huntingdon that is a PITA. It seems that lots of small counties have that corruption issue with regards to their roads… ๐Ÿ™

    • Transwarp Media

      unfortunate to be honest. ive lived in west tennessee for awhile now, the best county ive seen personally in regards to overall infrastructure, and actively getting roads, powerlines and stuff updated is benton county, but i haven't seen too much of west tennessee overall as well.

  3. Robert Weaver

    When was this video taken?

    • Interstate 411

      Summer 2017

  4. Kountry Gunz

    Drive this stretch daily. Cool vid.

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