[Revisited] U.S. Route 79: Paris to Dover – Tennessee

๐Ÿš™ Drive America’s Highways for 28 miles north along U.S. Route 79 from Paris to Dover, Tennessee.

The segment of U.S. Route 79 from Paris to Dover, Tennessee begins at the intersection of US-79 and Tennessee State Route 356 in Paris. Traveling northeast, the route soon leaves town, intersecting Tennessee Route 218 south just outside of Paris. Continuing northeast, the highway passes through the community of Woodland Acres before intersecting TN-218 north a few miles northeast.

Near the town of Buchanan, the highway turns briefly north-northeast to intersect TN-140 before turning northeast again towards the Tennessee River. Just before the Kentucky Lake crossing, US-79 intersects Tennessee Secondary Route 119 at Paris Landing State Park. Crossing Kentucky Lake on the Ned R. McWherter Bridge, the highway continues northeast towards Dover, intersecting TN-232 about 1/2 way to Dover from the lakeshore.

Entering Dover, the segment of U.S. Route 79 between Paris and Dover ends at the intersection with the Woodlands Trace Parkway.

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