U.S. Highway 165 – North Little Rock to England – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 22 miles south along U.S. Highway 165 from North Little Rock to England in Arkansas

We start the video at the northern terminus of US-67 at U.S. Highway 70 in North Little Rock. Driving generally east, we soon cross the interchange with Interstate 440 where we continue on US-165 towards Scott and England. At Baucum, we turn southeast where we pass through by the Agriculture Plantation Museum State Park in Scott.

Continuing southeast, we pass through Hamiter and Toltec, where we cross the intersection with AR-386 to Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park. Staying on US-165, we reach Keo where we turn more southward to enter England from the northwest.

At England, we turn left at Fordyce St to stay on US-165 through town. We end the video turning south at Arkansas Highway 15.


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