U.S. Highway 165 – Bastrop to Monroe – Louisiana

Drive America’s Highways for 26 miles south along U.S. Highway 165 from Bastrop to Monroe, Louisiana

We start the video driving west on US-165 in downtown Bastrop, LA. At the west side of Bastrop, we turn south at the intersection with LA-592 to leave town. Generally following Bayou Bartholomew, we continue southwest to Sterlington where, at the intersection with LA-143, we begin to travel generally more south as we follow Bayou DeSiard to the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and into the northern parts of the Monroe Metro area.

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Crossing Bayou DeSiard to enter Monroe, we cross the intersection with US-80 before reaching the interchange with Interstate 20. Continuing south, we end the video at the intersection with LA-15, a mile or so south of I-20.



  1. Velvet Rope

    Thank you for this video. 💛💛

  2. Isaac K.

    Thank you for the video! I used to live in this area so I recognize that place very well. What dashcam do you use?

  3. Karen Clabaugh

    A very pretty drive-never gets old, just the drivers

  4. Body and Soul

    Nice video and excellent choice of music

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