U.S. Highway 165 – Bastrop to Monroe – Louisiana

Drive America’s Highways for 26 miles south along U.S. Highway 165 from Bastrop to Monroe, Louisiana

We start the video driving west on US-165 in downtown Bastrop, LA. At the west side of Bastrop, we turn south at the intersection with LA-592 to leave town. Generally following Bayou Bartholomew, we continue southwest to Sterlington where, at the intersection with LA-143, we begin to travel generally more south as we follow Bayou DeSiard to the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and into the northern parts of the Monroe Metro area.

Crossing Bayou DeSiard to enter Monroe, we cross the intersection with US-80 before reaching the interchange with Interstate 20. Continuing south, we end the video at the intersection with LA-15, a mile or so south of I-20.



  1. Velvet Rope

    Thank you for this video. 💛💛

  2. Isaac K.

    Thank you for the video! I used to live in this area so I recognize that place very well. What dashcam do you use?

  3. Karen Clabaugh

    A very pretty drive-never gets old, just the drivers

  4. Body and Soul

    Nice video and excellent choice of music

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