U.S. Highway 70 – Little Rock – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 3.5 miles south along US-70 in Little Rock, Arkansas

We start the video turning onto US-70 from AR-365 in North Little Rock. Crossing the Arkansas River into Little Rock, we make good time through downtown. Crossing Interstate 630 to leave downtown, we pass by the oldest cemetery in Little Rock (Mt. Holly), before entering the Governor’s Mansion Historical District.

Continuing south, we soon pass through a small commercial district before reaching the interchange with AR-365 and US-70, where we turn left onto AR-365 to end the video.

Note: There is some confusion on the proper label of this route. According to on-the-ground signs, this is US-70. However, according to every map we can find, it’s US-70B. As of the publication date of this video, ARDOT has not given us the official numbering, so we are using what is on the ground.


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  1. Mark Smith

    Wow does that bring back memories when I worked in Little Rock for a courier service for a few years back in the 80's! Drove that many times in the wee morning hours and late late evening hours! The big bank buildings downtown have hardly changed at all in appearance! The city looks a bit more fresh and modern compared to the 80's when I lived and worked there! What pleasant memories this brought back! Thanks so much for sharing! Mark in Iowa.


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