Tennessee State Highways

The Tennessee State Highway System is a network of roads maintained by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). The system includes over 13,000 miles of roads, of which approximately 1,000 miles are primary routes and 2,000 miles are secondary routes. The primary routes are the most important roads in the system, and they connect major cities and towns. The secondary routes provide access to rural areas and small towns.

The Tennessee state highway system is not part of the Interstate Highway System or the U.S. Numbered Highway System. However, many of the state routes are concurrent with Interstates or U.S. Highways. This means that they share the same roadbed and are signed with both the state route number and the Interstate or U.S. Highway number.

The state highway system is an important part of Tennessee’s transportation infrastructure. It provides a safe and efficient way for people to travel throughout the state. The system also helps to stimulate economic development by making it easier for businesses to get their products to market.

Complete Tennessee State Routes

Complete routes in at least on direction — sometimes both.

Tennessee Route 55
Tennessee State Route 385