Tennessee Route 454: Gatlinburg to Caton

Driving Tennessee Route 454 from Gatlinburg to Caton is a scenic and enjoyable journey that takes us through some of Tennessee’s most beautiful countryside. This stretch of road is approximately 6 miles long, and it will take us through a mix of rural farmland and wooded areas.

Starting at U.S. Route 321, we head north on TN-454. As we travel along this two-lane road, we pass through small towns and communities that are scattered throughout the countryside. Keep an eye out for the local businesses and roadside attractions that line the route. As we continue along TN-454, the road begins to wind through the hills and valleys of the countryside. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful, and it’s the perfect place to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Continuing along Tennessee Highway 454, the road begins to climb into the hills. The scenery becomes more rugged and the views become more expansive as we wind our way up through the hills, passing by trees and rock formations along the way. Finally, we come to the end of TN-454 at TN-416, where we continue northbound towards Sevierville.

Driving Tennessee Route 454 from Gatlinburg to Caton is a beautiful and relaxing journey that’s perfect for anyone who loves to explore the countryside. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, this scenic drive is definitely worth taking.


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