Oklahoma State Highways

The Oklahoma State Highway System is a network of roads that are maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). The system includes state highways, county roads, and city streets. State highways are the second-lowest tier on the Oklahoma road system, below interstates and U.S. numbered highways.

There are currently 188 state highways in Oklahoma, with a total length of over 30,000 miles. The highways are numbered from 1 to 188, with the exception of SH-81, which is not used to avoid confusion with US-81. SH-35 has been issued, but it is only for a short spur, far from I-35. SH-60, SH-62, SH-69, and SH-75 were once assigned but these designation have since been revoked.

State highways are typically two-lane roads, although some may be four-lane or even divided highways. They are used to connect small towns and rural areas to larger cities and interstate highways. State highways also provide access to parks, recreation areas, and other points of interest.

ODOT is responsible for maintaining the state highway system. This includes tasks such as repairing potholes, mowing grass, and clearing snow. ODOT also works to improve the safety of state highways by installing guardrails, rumble strips, and other safety features.

The Oklahoma State Highway System is an important part of the state’s transportation network. It provides a safe and efficient way for people to travel throughout the state.