Oklahoma Highway 66 – Oklahoma City to El Reno – Route 66

Drive America’s Highways for 28 miles west along OK-66 from Oklahoma City to El Reno in Oklahoma.

We start the video merging onto Route 66 (OK-66) from Interstate 44 in northwest Oklahoma City.

Soon, we enter the towns of Warr Acres and Bethany before we cross the historic Lake Overholser Bridge.

After the diversion to Lake Overholser Bridge, we soon cross the John Kilpatrick Turnpike as we enter the town of Yukon. Passing through Yukon on the historic mother road, we cross a set of railroad tracks between OK-4 and OK-92 and before you know it, we are back on the open road.

A few short miles later, we reach the intersection with US-81. Continuing west, Rt 66 turns briefly north to enter El Reno, turning west again at the US-81 north intersection in “downtown” El Reno.

Staying west on Oklahoma Highway 66, we make our way out of town and merge onto Interstate 40 where we end the video.

See (roughly) the same trip on Interstate 40:

Interstate 40 – Mile 146 – Mile 142 – Oklahoma

Interstate 40 – Mile 142 – Mile 125 – Oklahoma

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  1. Mark Smith

    What an awesome video! I so wish to drive that stretch of Route 66 one day! Oklahoma City is a long one-day drive from Iowa. But easily done! It's been too long since I've been to Tulsa and Oke. City! I guess I should probably do it again before the snow flies. Or wait till next spring. Either way, I really enjoy your channel! Mark in Iowa.

    • Interstate 411

      Thank you! Stay tuned for more great Route 66 videos, and more as we publish our latest trip.

    • Mark Smith

      @Interstate 411 I am glad I found your channel a few months back! I subbed at that time! I might add that I've driven thru El Reno in the early 90's as I delivered a load of auto batteries to a distribution business in El Reno. Back in the days when I was an owner operator of my own semi. I remember going on up US 81 highway and to a small community of Kremlin Oklahoma to reload and then returned back to Iowa. I also spent 6 years living in suburban Little Rock before returning home to Iowa. I sure enjoy all of your videos! Mark.

    • Interstate 411

      Wow. One of our drivers is based out of Little Rock area. Small world 🙂

    • Mark Smith

      @Interstate 411 I lived in Jacksonville and worked out of Little Rock. A small world for sure! That is just a 10 hour and 20 minute drive from me as I'm in southeast Iowa a little South of Iowa City. Mark.

  2. countenanceblog the expat

    6:54How BP preserves one of the trademarks it owns

  3. fred richardson

    seems like most people don't know what a turn signal is use for ,dumb asses

  4. WAL_DC-6B

    Thanks for the ride down the old "Mother Road" (Rt 66) between O-K City and El Reno. A little fast at times (glad I was wearing my seat belt coming up to those traffic lights!), but you picked a beautiful day for the drive.

    • Interstate 411

      Thanks! It's one of our favorite drives!

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