Talimena National Scenic Byway – AR-88 / OK-1 – Arkansas / Oklahoma

Join us as we drive 53 miles along the scenic Talimena National Scenic Byway — including all the vistas — in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

In partnership with Stichn Travel, we start the video turning north onto Arkansas Highway 88 from U.S. Highway 71 in Mena, Arkansas. Continuing generally northwest, we enter the Ouachita National Forest as the road ascends to the top of the ridgeline and approaches Queen Wilhelmina State Park — just past Rich Mountain.

Continuing west, we soon cross over the Oklahoma border where the route becomes Oklahoma Highway 1. All along this road, we are stopping at the scenic vistas (listen for the driver commentary) which offer stunning views of the surrounding area and the gorgeous views of the Ouachita Mountains.

After a long relatively straight stretch of westward travel, we soon come to one of the curvier sections of the route and the only major junction along the trail — with U.S. Highway 259. If you are traveling with someone who is scared of heights or you otherwise need a quick way off for gas or whatever, this is the ONLY place along the way to do so. There is a campground a few miles later (it’s in the video) with outhouses, but do you really want your wife to use that?

Moving right along, we resume a northwesterly drive across the ridge line before making our final descent to U.S. Highway 271 where the video ends. There are visitors centers on both sides of the trail, although the one on the Arkansas side holds weird hours.

We would like to thank our friends at Stichn Travel (www.stitchntravel.com) for shooting this video for us. While we do have a video of this route in our archives, it is very old and is a timelapse recorded from a cell phone — this is much better. When you are done watching our videos here at Interstate 411, check them out — they have a great site and promise more great content in the coming weeks.

Additional Music:

Parting of the Ways parts I and II, Sovereign, Sovereign Quarter, Autumn Day, Eternal Hope, and Dreamer by Kevin MacLeod are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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  1. This Guy

    Nice scenery

    • Interstate 411

      Thank you. It is a beautiful part of my state, and also of @stitchntravel's state (OK). I can't wait to get my motorcycle out there this fall 🙂

  2. Adventures on Two Wheels

    So can't wait to ride this in the fall.

  3. Lynn Graham

    I rode this once long ago, it was beautiful. Also helped fight a forest fire on Rich mountain near Mena. Really neat country over there.

    • Interstate 411

      That is awesome! One of my favorite rides 🙂

  4. Marty McShay

    The Ouachita Recreation Trail mentioned in the video is 223 miles long and goes through Queen Wilhelmina State Park. FYI.

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