Oklahoma Highway 66 – Claremore to Catoosa

Drive America’s Highways for 11 miles west along Oklahoma Highway 66 from Claremore to Catoosa ?️

We start the video at the intersection of OK-88 (Will Rogers Blvd) and OK-66. Driving south out of Claremore, we pass through Verdigris before crossing the Verdigris River and entering Catoosa, where we end the video at the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Route 66 Roadside Attraction.


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    • Interstate 411

      Claremore has been the bane of my Rt. 66 attempts 3 times now. 1st time I got sick and spent so much time at CVS it was dark before I left. The 2nd time I had car issues. The 3rd time I had to make a special trip up there just to grab about 3 miles I didn't have before….. Yeesh.


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