Drive America’s Highways for 141 miles west along Interstate 40 from Needles to Barstow, California

We start the video entering Interstate 40 from the old Route 66 in Needles (exit 141). Starting out heading northwest, we soon turn west before passing the interchange with US Highway 95 (Searchlight, Las Vegas). Continuing on I-40 west, we pass the exit for the National Trails Highway (closed at the time of filming) as we begin to skirt the southern boundary of the Mojave National Preserve.

Leaving MNP behind, we meet up with the National Trails Highway (Route 66) again at exit 50. Around this point, I-40 turns somewhat northwest for the final push through Pisgah and Newberry Springs before reaching Dagget and the Barstow area. The video ends with us merging onto Interstate 15 at I-40’s western terminus in Barstow.

Note: At the US-95 exit, our graphic is wrong. It should read Searchlight / Las Vegas.