Historic Route 66 – Tulsa – Oklahoma

Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles west along the historic mother road in Tulsa, Oklahoma ?️

We start the video at the intersection with Admiral Ave in northeast Tulsa (according to Google, it’s technically Catoosa, but everyone locally says its Tulsa). Driving south for one mile, we make a right turn to head west on 11th street into Tulsa proper.

4.5 miles later, 11th street becomes a 4 lane arterial road at the interchange with Interstate 44 and Oklahoma Highway 66. Continuing west, we cross the interchange with US-169 where stay westbound on 11th street to pass through various neighborhoods and commercial areas before reaching the campus of the University of Tulsa.

Staying on 11th street, we pass through the Renaissance and Terrace Drive neighborhoods before entering downtown Tulsa at a traffic circle just past the US-75 overpass. Driving through the roundabout, we continue west on historic Route 66, now 10th street, through Downtown. Just before the US-64 overpass, Rt. 66 becomes 11th street again, albeit for a brief time as once across the overpass, we are now on 12th street, where we stay until an intersection with Southwest Blvd.

Turning southwest on Southwest Blvd, we cross the Arkansas River, paralleling Interstate 44 through light industrial and commercial areas. At 41st street, Route 66 crosses over I-44, still maintaining the Southwest Blvd name. Staying on Southwest Blvd through the Red Fork/Park Grove area, we pass under the Gillcrease Expy to enter the Oakhurst area, where we turn left where we end the video turning on to 49th street.



  1. Kent Merritt

    Enjoyed this. What was that third song played? The one featuring the guitar instrumental starting around 10:55?

  2. WAL_DC-6B

    I have about 10 minutes of video of riding on old Route 66 through Tulsa back in 1991 and 1995 that I've uploaded to YouTube. They include 11th St (1995) and Southwest Blvd (1991). It's interesting to see all the major differences along these roads when comparing your video of the same route to mine from so many more years ago. Many businesses and even homes are now long gone. Thanks for sharing!

  3. m. Stimson

    That's nice… (But I don't have time to watch it).😕

  4. Franklin Schad

    Who is the artist and song you open up your video with?


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