Interstate 44 – Tulsa – Oklahoma

Drive America’s Highways for 15 miles east along Interstate 44Tulsa, Oklahoma

We start the video merging onto Interstate 44 from I-244 in southwest Tulsa. Driving initially east, we cross the interchange with US-75 before crossing the Arkansas River and turning generally northeast near the Yale Ave interchange.

Soon, we cross interchanges with US-64 and US-169 as we continue northeast. Just past the 11th street interchange, we turn east as Interstate 244 merges with the mainline interstate at it’s eastern terminus.

We end the video at the 165th ave interchange.



  1. Milton Callan

    Can't wait! Just a few more days. I noticed a couple of new buildings since I was there 14 months ago.

    • Interstate 411

      Before I rendered this, I watched the video I made a few years back on 44 WB…you will notice on this one that some of the windows of the taller buildings near US-64 have been blown out by a storm in the intervening years.


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