Historic Route 66 – Elk City – Oklahoma

Drive America’s Highways for 9 miles west along historic Route 66 in Elk City, Oklahoma

The video starts at the intersection with OK-34 and the off-ramp from Interstate 40 east of town. Driving west, we soon make a S curve to enter the main commercial district of Elk City.

Passing the Old Town Museum, we turn southwest just before an intersection with OK-6. We end the video merging back onto Interstate 40, southwest of Elk City.

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  1. Mark Smith

    I am really enjoying this Route 66 series! Super music selections also! I failed to comment on yesterday's video. It was equally enjoyable! So glad I found your channel! Mark in Iowa.

    • Mark Smith

      @Interstate 411 Have you driven the Sidewalk Highway portion yet up in the northeast corner of the State yet? I've been following Roamin Rich and his channel for several years now. He has a video of driving that stretch of old US 66 on his channel. It's one of my favorites! Mark.

    • Interstate 411

      Yes. It's actually on the site. There are actually 2 parts of the 'sidewalk highway'. I missed one of them (the sun was in my face, so no recording) and the other one isn't quite as famous, but it's there πŸ™‚

  2. David Backlin

    Keep this up, you’ll need the EZ 66 guide πŸ˜‰

    • Interstate 411

      I think I have all the good ones already πŸ™‚

  3. Milton Callan

    Never did this stretch going west before. Surprising how different it looks.

    • Interstate 411

      Once we finish the route WB (we still need Chicago to Springfield), we plan on doing the entire thing EB to compare πŸ™‚

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