Interstate 244 – Downtown Tulsa – Oklahoma

Drive America’s Highways for 2 miles east along Interstate 244 – Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

We start the video entering Interstate 244 just southwest of downtown Tulsa from U.S. Highway 64. Driving around the western perimeter of downtown, we soon reach the interchange with US-412 and the L L Tisdale Parkway, at which point, we turn east to stay on Interstate 244.

After the curve, we cross over to exit the interstate at U.S. Highway 75 northeast of downtown where we end the video on the exit ramp.



  1. アイルトンセナ

    I also like this.?オクラハマは聞いた語とある^^

  2. Sandra Mccoy

    Ha I get lost in Tulsa all the time . It's a pretty place

    • Interstate 411

      I despise this section of highway. Every time I drive it I feel like I'm about to die — too many merges on both sides of the highway in a short span — not safe.

  3. Sandra Mccoy

    Ya your right. It's been a long time since I been there . But still get lost all the time while I'm out there

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