Historic Route 66 – Central Ave NW – Albuquerque – New Mexico

Drive America’s Highways for 7 miles west along the historic mother road – Central Ave NW – in western Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Picking up where we left off several years ago, we start the video roughly at the intersection of Rt 66 (Central Ave NW) and Lomas Blvd. Continuing northwest, we make a loop around West Park before crossing the Rio Grande and returning to more of a southwest alignment. We soon cross the intersection with NM-45 (Coors Blvd) where we continue west on Route 66. As we drive further along the mother road, the density of buildings relaxes and makes way for more open fields and large stretches of nothing. Eventually, we are forced to turn right and merge onto Interstate 40 as the mother road in Albuquerque, like this video, ends at the intersection of Rt 66 (Central Ave) and Interstate 40.

Here is the eastern portion of Rt 66 in Albuquerque (yes, we know we spelled Albuquerque wrong on the cover image)


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