Bluegrass Parkway: Lexington to Elizabethtown – Kentucky

Drive America’s Highways for 71 miles west along the Bluegrass Parkway (KY 9002) from Lexington to Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

We start the video merging onto the Bluegrass Parkway on the ramp from U.S. Highway 60 between Lexington and Versailles, Kentucky. Continuing westward, we cross the intersections with US-127, KY-555, and KY-55 before reaching Bardstown where we cross both US-150 and US-31E.

Leaving Bardstown, we cross one more interchange — an oddball one at that — with KY-52 before reaching the western terminus of the parkway at Interstate 65 in Elizabethtown, where we turn northbound and end the video.

See this route EASTBOUND


  1. Cici Bradley

    "Oh Lexington's a city but it ain't so big it freaks me out. And if I need a breather, I can hit the Parkway… " Tyler Childers

  2. Joodlebug

    Absolutely gorgeous! May I ask what you use to record your videos? The quality is exceptional.

    • Interstate 411

      Hey there. Thanks for the compliment. We have this question answered, and more at, but to save you the click, here it is below :)We are currently using a GoPro Hero 5 for our FPV video and a Hero 4 silver for side and other cameras. For trips where video is made outside the car, we use a Canon 10D dslr camera.

  3. David Tosh

    Add more "6's" as the last digit of the interstate numbering system. Will both Western Kentucky Parkway and Bluegrass Parkway in Kentucky become future interstate 56? They did it to "4's" on the interstate numbering system. They should add more of "2's", "8's" and "0's" as of even numbers of the last digit of the interstate numbering system and even "3's" as well except 3 is the odd number. In the 30's category of the interstate numbering system they should add I-32, I-33, and I-38 instead of I-31, I-34, and I-36. Proposal future interstate 56 might connect from the junction of I-69 and I-169 near Nortonville in Western Kentucky to I-64 & I-75 in Lexington Kentucky for more then 200 miles.

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