Pennyrile Parkway – Mile 34 to Mile 0 – Kentucky

America’s Highways for 34 miles along the Pennyrile Parkway from mile 34 at Interstate 69 to 0, just south of Hopkinsville in Kentucky.

We start the video merging onto the Pennyrile Parkway from Interstate 69 just south of Madisonville on an early summer morning. Continuing into Hopkisnville, the video cuts off around mile 9 due to a camera malfunction. A quick stop and camera fix later, we resume the video at exit 8 in Hopkinsville as we finish the Pennyrile Parkway at Interstate 24 a few miles south of Hopkinsville.

Note: At the time of publishing, this highway is still officially the Pennyrile Parkway. According to KYTC, this will be changed, eventually — no date given — to Interstate 169. Google and Wikipedia are already listing this as I-169, but since it isn’t official according to KYTC, we are listing it as the Pennyrile Parkway.

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