? Drive America’s Highways for 34 miles along the Pennyrile Parkway from mile 34 at Interstate 69 to 0, just south of Hopkinsville in Kentucky ?

We start the video merging onto the Pennyrile Parkway from Interstate 69 just south of Madisonville on an early summer morning. Continuing into Hopkisnville, the video cuts off around mile 9 due to a camera malfunction. A quick stop and camera fix later, we resume the video at exit 8 in Hopkinsville as we finish the Pennyrile Parkway at Interstate 24 a few miles south of Hopkinsville.

Note: At the time of publishing, this highway is still officially the Pennyrile Parkway. According to KYTC, this will be changed, eventually — no date given — to Interstate 169. Google and Wikipedia are already listing this as I-169, but since it isn’t official according to KYTC, we are listing it as the Pennyrile Parkway.

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