Interstate 64 – West Virginia to Lexington – Kentucky

Drive America’s Highways for 110 miles along Interstate 64 from West Virginia to Lexington, Kentucky.

We start the video just crossing into Kentucky, heading west on Interstate 64 from West Virginia. Shortly after entering Kentucky, we cross the U.S. Highway 23 interchange, and shortly after that, the first of several interchanges with U.S. Highway 60 as we traverse the Appalachian foothills towards Lexington.

Passing Grayson, we cross another junction with US-60 near Olive Hill before entering the Daniel Boone National Forest. As we exit the National Forest, we cross Kentucky State Highway 32 and two more interchanges with US-60 in Owingsville and Mt Sterling.

The last few minutes of the video are highlighted by yet another interchange with US-60 in Winchester as well as the northern terminus (no exit from west bound I-64) of the Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway, also in Winchester. One final interchange with KY-859 brings us to the end of the video at the junction with Interstate 75, east of Lexington.

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  1. Norinder Singh

    I thank you for your videos, perhaps you can add info on any restrictions(if any) on commercial vehicles, on roads traveled. Thank you so much.

    • Interstate 411

      Unfortunately, I'm not a commercial driver — at least not of the big-rig types, so I'd be unable to assist in 99% of these. If I happen to find anything out about them when researching the route, I'll be sure to post going forward. In the interim, you can always email KYTC for KY restrictions. I'm sure other DOT's have similar.

  2. Joe Primal

    Anyone know what month of the year this is?

    • Joe Primal

      @Interstate 411 Hmmm. OK, thanks. I'm kind of surprised, the trees look a bit thin as far as leaves go. I thought maybe is was winter.

    • Interstate 411

      It may have been April. I went both months along that track and the silly gopro didn't timestamp it correctly, but looking at the cover photo it looks like it's the newer one.

    • Joe Primal

      @Interstate 411 Ohhh! Changing your story huh? I'm afraid we're going to have to take you down town for a few questions! LOL. OK, thanks my friend, I appreciate it. And I appreciate the vid. We have suddenly arrived at retirement and we're trying to sort out a plan. With kids and grand kids all over the place it's complicated. The only thing we know for sure is we have to get out of here.

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