Arkansas Highway 9: Eagle Mills to Malvern

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 53 miles north along Arkansas Highway 9 from Eagle Mills to Malvern.

The drive from Eagle Mills to Malvern begins at the southern terminus of Arkansas Highway 9 in the community of Eagle Mills, southwest of Bearden. Travelling almost due north, the highway turns northeast in the village of Holly Springs at the junction with Arkansas Highway 122. Now heading northeast, the highway crosses intersections with Arkansas Highways 273 and 8 South before turning north once again to enter Princeton.

At Princeton, Highway 9 continues north at the intersection with Highway 8, heading towards the community of Tulip. Entering Tulip, the highway turns slightly northwest at the intersection with AR-48. Now traveling generally northwest, AR-9 passes the intersection with Highway 46 before entering Lono and passing the intersection with AR-222. Leaving Lono, the road turns further northwest for the final few miles into Malvern.

Entering Malvern from the southeast as Main Street, the southern segment of Arkansas Highway 9 ends at the intersection with U.S. Route 67 – Page St. The video ends here, however Highway 9 resumes it’s northerly trek across the middle of Arkansas 25 miles or so north of this point at an intersection with Arkansas Highway 5 in Crows.

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