U.S. Route 80: Tallulah to Delta – Louisiana

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 15 miles east along U.S. Highway 80 from Tallulah to Delta, Louisiana.

The segment of U.S. Highway 80 from Tallulah to Delta, Louisiana begins at the intersection with U.S. Route 65 in Tallulah. Initially traveling east on Green St, the highway continues east onto Bayou Dr at the banks of Walnut Bayou. Leaving Tallulah at the intersection with LA-602, the highway continues east through Barnes and Thomastown before reaching Mound and the intersection with LA-602. Continuing east, the highway reaches the town of Delta on the banks of the Mississippi River where it merges with Interstate 20 to cross the river. The video ends at the interchange with I-20, just across the river from Vicksburg.

Drivers note: If you are riding a motorcycle, or just don’t want to be harassed by the local PD, avoid Tallulah. We were pulled over for no reason and had we not been filming the ride, I’m convinced the local PD would have made our day a lot worse. While your milage may vary, this driver, for one, will avoid the entirety of North Louisiana going forward. In other words, don’t expect many, if any, videos from this region in the future 🙂



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