U.S. Route 72: Corinth to Collierville – Mississippi/Tennessee

๐Ÿš™ Drive America’s Highways for 65 miles west along U.S. Route 72 in Mississippi from Corinth to Collierville Tennessee.

Starting in Corinth, Mississippi at the junction with US Route 45, we head west on US Route 72. The road is a well-maintained four-lane highway as pass through a mix of commercial and residential areas within Corinth.

As we leave Corinth behind and continue west, the landscape transitions to a more rural setting with open fields and farmland. We pass through some smaller communities along the route, but the overall surroundings remain relatively undeveloped. Upon crossing the Mississippi-Tennessee state line, the road continues as a four-lane divided highway. The drive becomes increasingly suburban as we approach the Memphis metropolitan area.

As you continue into Tennessee, we enter the town of Collierville. The surroundings become progressively more developed as we make our way into town, ending the video at the interchange with Tennessee Route 385.

๐ŸŽถ Songs ๐ŸŽถ

Heartbreak Highway
The Sheen

Krista Lynn Meadow

Wildflower Bloom
Tiffany Hernandez

Hasn't Happened Yet
Kaleb Scherer

Let Myself Out
American Honey

Kiss and Say Goodbye
Chris Burke

Sierra Sunrise
Global Genius

Good Place to Hide
Chris Burke

Global Genius

Yellow Lines

Trout Recording

My Mistake
Global Genius

Goodbye for Now
Kerina Kinch


Brad Cleveland

Lookie Lookie There
Dale Stumbo

Lost Guitar


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