U.S. Route 72: Tuscumbia Alabama to Corinth Mississippi

๐Ÿš™ Drive America’s Highways for 54 miles west along U.S. Route 72 from Tuscumbia Alabama to Corinth Mississippi.

Starting in Tuscumbia, Alabama, we head west on US Route 72, passing by local businesses and residential areas. As we continue west, the surroundings gradually transition to more open spaces with fields and occasional trees on either side of the road.

Leaving Tuscumbia behind, we find ourselves on a well-maintained highway with two lanes in each direction. The route takes us through the gently rolling hills of northern Alabama, offering picturesque views of the countryside, passing farms, ranches, and small communities along the way. Near the town of Cherokee, we intersect the Natchez Trace Parkway – a 444 mile long National Park connecting Natchez, MS with Nashville, TN.

Continuing west, we cross the Alabama-Mississippi state line. The landscape remains relatively rural, with occasional clusters of trees and ponds. As we approach the town of Iuka, Mississippi, the road becomes more commercial, with roadside services like gas stations, restaurants, and motels.

After passing through Iuka, we encounter a mix of local traffic and other travelers. The scenery alternates between farmland and wooded areas, creating a relaxing and pleasant drive.

The drive culminates in Corinth, a historic town with ties to the Civil War. Passing through the south side of Corinth, we make our way northwest to the junction with US Route 45, where we end the video.

Overall, the drive along US Route 72 from Tuscumbia, Alabama, to Corinth, Mississippi, offers a diverse experience. We traverse through charming small towns, rural landscapes, and a mix of open fields and wooded areas. The journey provides a blend of tranquility and activity, making for an enjoyable and scenic, albeit relatively straight, drive.

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The Sheen

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Velvet Sunset
Trout Recording

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Keep on Keepin' On
Jonny Houilhan

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I Don't Want to Drink About You Baby Anymore
Brittany Clarke

Then Came You
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We'll Understand it Better By and By
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Call Me Shirley
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Long Shot
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