Arkansas Highway 89

Arkansas Highway 89 (AR-89) is a scenic two-lane highway that winds its way approximately 41 miles through the heart of Arkansas. From its southern terminus in Lonoke to its northern terminus in Lollie, AR-89 offers drivers a glimpse of the state’s natural beauty and rural charm.

The drive from Lonoke to Lollie begins on the outskirts of Lonoke, where AR-89 travels northwest through a series of dog leg turns, passing through farmland and rolling hills, crossing the Interstate 40 interchange along the way. After about seven miles, AR-89 reaches the small town of Furlow. Here, the highway intersects AR-15 and AR-294, which provide access to other parts of Lonoke County.

Continuing north from Furlow, AR-89 passes through more farmland and forests. After about eight miles, AR-89 reaches the city of Cabot. Cabot is the largest city along AR-89, and it offers a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

From Cabot, AR-89 turns west and enters Pulaski County, coming to an end at the intersection with Arkansas Highway 107.  Between Highway 107 and the Faulkner County Line, the highway continues as Pulaski County Highway 89, first in conjunction with AR-107, then along its own routing.  Becoming a state highway again at the Faulkner/Pulaski County line, the highway travels due west for about 10 miles before passing through the town of Mayflower.  Approximately 6 miles or so west of Mayflower, AR-89 reaches its northern terminus in Lollie. Lollie is a small community located on the Arkansas River in southwest Faulkner County

The drive from Lonoke to Lollie on AR-89 is a relaxing and scenic experience. The highway winds through the heart of Arkansas, offering drivers a glimpse of the state’s natural beauty and rural charm. AR-89 is a popular route for road enthusiasts, as it offers a variety of twists and turns, as well as scenic overlooks. The highway is also well-maintained, making it a safe and enjoyable drive.

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