Scenic Arkansas Highway 7: Jasper to Harrison

? Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles north along Arkansas Highway 7 from Jasper to Harrison.

We start the video turning onto Court Street from Stone Street in downtown Jasper. Driving initially northeast, we pass the intersection with AR-74 east to cross the Little Buffalo River where we pass the intersection with AR-74 west. Climbing northeast out of Jasper on Scenic Arkansas Highway 7, we twist around several mountains before making our descent to Pruitt, where we cross the Buffalo National River.

Leaving Pruitt heading north on AR-7, we follow the west bank of Mill Creek, winding through mountain valleys and eventually passing the former site of the Dogpatch Amusement Park and the HUB. A few gentle curves later, we leave the twists and turns of the mountains. Crossing the intersection with AR-206, we continue north on Scenic Highway 7 north into Harrison.

Entering Harrison from the south, we reach the intersection with Arkansas Highway 43. Shortly after the AR-43 intersection, the road turns left, becoming Pine St, to take us into central Harrison. At the intersection with Central Ave, we turn east to stay on AR-7 for a few blocks to the intersection with U.S. Highway 65, where we end the video.


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