Scenic Arkansas Highway 7: Jasper to Harrison

? Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles north along Arkansas Highway 7 from Jasper to Harrison.

We start the video turning onto Court Street from Stone Street in downtown Jasper. Driving initially northeast, we pass the intersection with AR-74 east to cross the Little Buffalo River where we pass the intersection with AR-74 west. Climbing northeast out of Jasper on Scenic Arkansas Highway 7, we twist around several mountains before making our descent to Pruitt, where we cross the Buffalo National River.

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Leaving Pruitt heading north on AR-7, we follow the west bank of Mill Creek, winding through mountain valleys and eventually passing the former site of the Dogpatch Amusement Park and the HUB. A few gentle curves later, we leave the twists and turns of the mountains. Crossing the intersection with AR-206, we continue north on Scenic Highway 7 north into Harrison.

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Entering Harrison from the south, we reach the intersection with Arkansas Highway 43. Shortly after the AR-43 intersection, the road turns left, becoming Pine St, to take us into central Harrison. At the intersection with Central Ave, we turn east to stay on AR-7 for a few blocks to the intersection with U.S. Highway 65, where we end the video.


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