Arkansas Highway 7 - Iron Springs Park - Lake Nimrod

Arkansas Highway 7 – Iron Springs Park – Lake Nimrod

πŸš— Drive America’s Highways for 21 miles north along Arkansas Scenic Highway 7 from Iron Springs Park to Lake Nimrod in Arkansas.

We begin the video leaving Iron Springs Park and turning north on Arkansas Highway 7 towards Russellville. About half way we arrive at the South Fourche Campground and the Hollis General Store. After a brief stop at the campground we continue north through the Ouachita National Forest until we reach the Fourche La Fave River and Lake Nimrod.

Nimrod Lake is a reservoir in western Arkansas, created by the construction of the Nimrod Dam. It is the oldest Corps of Engineers project in Arkansas, and was completed in 1942 on the Fourche LaFave River.

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