Rodney Parham Rd – Southbound – Little Rock Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 5 miles along Rodney Parham Rd – Southbound in Little Rock, Arkansas

We start the video turning onto Rodney Parham Rd – Southbound from Cantrell RdArkansas Highway 10 – in west Little Rock. Driving south for about a mile and a half, we turn left at the intersection with Hinson and Green Mountain Dr to stay on Rodney Parham Rd – Southbound.

Driving generally southeast, we soon cross the interchange with Interstate 430 as we continue along Rodney Parham. We soon cross the intersection with Reservoir Rd before turning south once again at Van Lee street. Crossing the Markham Street intersection, we turn southeast briefly to parallel Interstate 630 to Mississippi Ave, where we turn right to stay on Rodney Parham Rd – Southbound towards 12th Street, where we end the video at the end of Rodney Parham Rd.


  1. Terry Bane

    Very enjoyable drive……thanks.

  2. arky222

    god bless you. I used to live in little rock until

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