Interstate 430 Southbound in Little Rock – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 12 miles south along Interstate 430 southbound in Little Rock

We start the video merging onto Interstate 430 from AR-100 in North Little Rock heading south. Soon, we cross the Arkansas River (M40) and enter Little Rock as we climb out of the river valley and meet our first interchange in the Capitol City: Arkansas Highway 10 – Cantrell Rd. For northbound travelers, this interchange has changed with the addition of a new entrance ramp from AR-10 west to I-430NB. (See the new ramp at

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Cresting the hill (mountain?), we soon cross the Rodney Parham Rd interchange (full services) before entering the new Big Rock Interchange — the new junction with Interstate 630 and Financial Centre Pkwy (Chenal Pkwy).

Before entering the southwest side of the metro we have one final interchange with Shackleford Rd and Kanis Rd at exit 5. Continuing southward, we cross Arkansas Highway 300 (Col. Glenn Rd) and Arkansas Highway 5 (Stagecoach Rd) as we near the southern terminus of I-430. Recently, ARDOT added a new interchange just before the junction with Interstate 30 for the new outlet mall and Bass Pro Shops located in the area. This interchange has been numbered 128 and is only accessible on 430 SB.

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We end the video turning westbound onto Interstate 30.


  1. Mark Smith

    Awesome video! It has been too many years since I used to drive that stretch of interstate! I moved away in 1990 and unfortunately haven't been back for a visit. The memories! Mark in Iowa.

    • Interstate 411

      Thanks! I'm going to re-shoot it in the not-to-distant future from both the truck and the motorbike — from I-40 to I-30 — Just waiting on ARDOT to start / finish the Cantrell interchange.

    • Mark Smith

      Interstate 411 You're welcome! As I said, this just brings back so many fond memories of working in Little Rock before returning back to Iowa. Those were 6 very good years! Mark.

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