Historic Route 66 – Springfield – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 2 miles west along the historic mother road in Springfield, Missouri.

We start the video turning on to E. St. Louis Street (Route 66) from National Ave. Driving west, we soon reach Downtown Springfield and it’s historic town square (that functions as a roundabout). Continuing west out of downtown, now on College Street, we make a quick pit stop at the new Birthplace of Route 66 Roadside Park before continuing west to end the video at the intersection with the Kansas Expressway.



  1. Milton Callan

    WOW! I haven't been there since the mid 70's when I was looking for a vacancy in a snow storm. I slowed the video to normal speed so I could see it better. It looks a lot different than it did 50 years ago and without 2 feet of snow on the ground. Lovely city. I'll have to stop the next time I'm going up 44.

    • Interstate 411

      i haven't really been to springfield since I was young, and then, only to the outer areas, bass pro and the mall. It was really neat, to me at least, driving down the old 66 🙂

  2. Kevin Dalton

    A lot has changed in a years time! Thanks Chinese Government!

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