Kansas Highway K-7 – Troy to Nebraska

Drive America’s Highways for 17 miles north along Kansas Highway K-7 from just west of Troy to Nebraska.

We start the video turning on to K-7 from a local road a few miles northwest of Troy — almost in Fanning. Travelling generally northwest, we pass through Fanning and a slew of farms as we make our way closer to the Missouri River.

As we get closer to the river, the landscape changes to a more wooded setting and the road gets a little more curvy the closer we get to the town of White Cloud. As we enter White Cloud, we pass the White Cloud Elevator and the Four State Lookout as the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway (and our Kansas adventure) comes to an end at the Nebraska State Line.

This video was produced in collaboration with our friends at Cross County Travelers. Please check them out at their website, https://crosscountytravelers.com.


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