U.S. Highway 73 – Leavenworth – Kansas

Drive America’s Highways for 2 miles west along U.S. Highway 73 in Leavenworth, Kansas from the Missouri River to the Santa Fe Trail.

We start the video crossing the Missouri River into Kansas on MO-92. Entering Kansas, the road changes to K92 before ending at an intersection with US-73 on the edge of town. Continuing straight through the intersection onto U.S Highway 73, we cross the northern sections of town as we pass numerous local businesses, Fort Leavenworth Military Base, and finally the United States Penitentiary Leavenworth.

Soon after the penitentiary, the highway divides and we come to an interchange with the Santa Fe Trail (CR-14), where we end the video on the exit ramp.

This video was produced in collaboration with our friends at Cross County Travelers. Please check them out at their website, https://crosscountytravelers.com.


  1. Holden Caulfield

    You drove right by my house, cool.

    • Rosebud Riker

      Had you stayed heading south on 7 you'd have seen another prison after a short bit

    • Rosebud Riker

      Sorry, didnt mean to reply to you with that. I mess up with this stuff.

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