Interstate 44 – St. Louis to Allenton (Six Flags) – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 15 miles west along Interstate 44 from St. Louis to Allenton, Missouri

We start the video merging onto Interstate 44 from I-270 south in southwest St. Louis. Soon we cross the interchange with MO-141 and we make a more southerly turn as we pass south of Castlewood State Park. As we approach Route 66 state park, we turn west again to cross MO-109 at Eureka before reaching our exit at Six Flags Rd in Allenton.



  1. Keith Kmilek

    I was just through there the other day. I44 through Missouri is interesting. I can’t understand why they can’t straighten it a bit. It curves back and forth too much.

    • Interstate 411

      Likely blowing up the mountains and hills to straighten it would cost too much.

    • Keith Kmilek

      curtain areas it could be straightened a bit but the state has wonderful scenery. Oklahoma on US69/75 has nice scenery as well. I made my way from Chicago area to Dallas via motorcycle this week and got hit with a massive storm near Springfield, MO on Saturday.

    • Interstate 411

      Keith Kmilek Watch out in springfield! There is a guy running bikers over goin around up there right now.

      I plan on taking my bike up the old 66 either later this year or early next year. I have the western portion scheduled for next fall (OK – CA)

  2. Main Man.

    Just came through their Sunday on are way back from Branson.

  3. countenanceblog the expat

    As you can see, they're doing work on the eastern Meramec bridge, totally replacing it. And when you made this video, it looks like that new interchange project at 141 was totally complete.

    • Interstate 411

      Indeed. This was filmed the day after the Shutdown in January….

  4. drf81

    I think for me and for many others it is a surprise to find out there are mountains just outside St Louis.

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