Interstate 64 East in St. Louis – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 6 miles along Interstate 64 East in St. Louis from Brentwood Blvd to 14th Street.

We start the video attempting to merge onto I-64 east from the Brentwood interchange in western St. Louis. After merging onto the interstate, we continue east through Forest Park, passing the Science Center and Zoo before turning slightly northeast to line up with downtown further east.

As we approach downtown, I-64 splits into a double-deck highway with the eastbound lanes on the bottom. After the first of these splits, I-64 returns to a “normal” interstate for about a mile before splitting off again into a double-deck configuration around 14th street. At this point, we exit the highway to end the video at the end of the 14th street exit.


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    • countenanceblog the expat

      The western section started out as a six lane expressway. Note that the Grand overpass over the EB lanes but under the WB lanes is wider than the EB lanes. Later the overhead lanes for WB was built.As far as the eastern double deck, that was the way it was built, the final piece in US 40 (now also I-64) in St. Louis City-County.

  1. countenanceblog the expat

    The whole area around 21st Street, which was originally semi-built that way for the 755 interchange that never happened, will soon be redone, which will also include making the Jefferson Ave interchange a full diamond.

  2. WingsFan 14

    Most fun urban interstate in the country.


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