14th Street – St. Louis – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 1 mile north along 14th from Park Ave to Washington Ave in St. Louis, Missouri

We start the video turning onto 14th st at a roundabout with Park Ave, just south of the railroad tracks and downtown St. Louis. Continuing north, we cross under the double-decked Interstate 64 before passing the Enterprise Center and Stifel Theater and entering downtown St. Louis.

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Passing numerous plazas, including the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum and the Public Library, we end the video at the intersection with Washington Ave, where we turn left.



    • Interstate 411

      I can only guess, but I take it I started out in the hood?

    • countenanceblog the expat

      Well not really the hood, but you started out in a rough spot surrounded on two sides by gentrified areas. Where you started out are the remnants of what used to be high rise projects.

    • Interstate 411

      @countenanceblog the expat gotcha. It looked kinda like the projects in Dayton, Ohio — building wise, but I didn't see the normal grills and plastic chairs everywhere, so I wasn't sure 🙂

  1. Diane Goodwin

    wow just further down 14th was two of my childhood neighborhoods benton and salisbury st. of coarse that was only 40 years ago lol oh by the way i watch a lot of your videos its a great way to travel without leaving the house .. keep'em coming im ready for another road trip see ya!!

    • Interstate 411

      Very cool! And more on the way — I have them uploaded and pending through the end of the year!


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